ADOPT If you can’t adopt – FOSTER. If you can’t foster – SPONSOR. If you can’t sponsor – VOLUNTEER. If you can’t volunteer – DONATE. If you can’t donate – EDUCATE!


Sponsor a  Dane aka Virtual Fostering

Is Sci-Fi and gaming your thing? Do you have limited time and space? Is your hubby at his dog limit? If so then ‘Virtual Fostering’ may be the right fit for you! A Virtual Foster Parent provides monthly funds to help purchase supplies, get proper and timely veterinary care, special training or tools for rehabilitation, and transportation for our foster dogs in care. Your monthly or one time donation will go a long way in making sure a needy and deserving foster Dane is well cared for, as well as enjoying the foster experience of saving a dog’s life and bringing joy to the family who adopts that dog!

It’s Raining Danes aka Emergency Housing

Don’t have the a lifestyle suitable for long-term fostering but have a Dane-sized heart of gold? We know all to well in the rescue community that when it rains…it pours! Meaning that sometimes we see an unusually high influx of Danes all at once which may include rescues from high risk shelters in need of rescue right NOW! It helps us to have volunteers on hand willing to house a Dane on very short notice and for a short amount of time until we can arrange transport to one of our permanent fosters.

Chauffeur aka Transport

Don’t have the time to foster or the knack for events, but you’re always up for a road trip adventure? Then consider putting your hind paw to the pedal to enjoy a freedom ride with one of our gentle giants. When our Danes come into our care or get happily adopted they require a chauffeur ride to get them there!

Dane Wrangler aka Dog Handler/Trainer

Are you an experienced dog handler with an interest in Great Dane behavior? If so we could use your help! When Great Danes come into our care they often require an initial behavioural assessment which helps us best match them with the most suitable foster and eventual adoptive home. While in our care some of our rescue Danes and foster families will require a little extra assistance from time to time to learn some tricks of the trade to best help their foster Dane thrive in their care in preparation for adoption.

Scooby-Doo Needs His Shaggy! aka Home Visits

Have little spare time but still want to help? Have an innate Scooby-Doo crime-solving second sense? Then ‘Home Visits’ may be the case for you! Home visits are an integral part of our volunteer foster and adoptive family screening process to ensure suitable matches for our beloved Great Danes.

Are You More of a Pawcasso? Have a flare for Art & Graphic Design

Have a flare for design that you want to share? We are always in need of getting our message across be it for volunteer or foster shouts outs via social media to event posters and ads. If you have innovative ideas and love artistic design, join our pack and help us get barking noticed!

Throw a PAW-TY! aka Events

Love being in the mix of things? Surprisingly get along with people just as well as your dogs? Then consider volunteering to help out at our fundraising events. The success of our events are crucial as these bring in the generous donations that our Danes need to be vetted and adequately cared for. If you have a knack for baking, crafting, organization, and maybe even some event connections what are you waiting for?