Surrender Procedure

 ** If you are a shelter or rescue and wish to become a partner, please click Contact Us.**

Before surrendering your Great Dane, please read our recommendations of resources to help. We also strongly suggest contacting a behaviourist/trainer who may be able to assist you with any issues you may be having. If you need assistance with locating a behaviourist/trainer, we will be happy to suggest some for you. Please click Contact Us.

If you feel you have taken every step possible but still need to re-home your Dane, please complete our Surrender Intake Form and include photos of your Dane.

When it is no longer feasible to keep a Great Dane for whatever reason, many people explore options other than rescue to re-home their pet. These won’t necessarily be in the best interest of your Great Dane!

If you are considering taking your Dane to an Animal Shelter, be aware that life in a shelter can be very stressful for a Great Dane with the possibility of other anxiety-related problems developing. Great Danes do not react well to a shelter environment. 

Re-homing with a friend /neighbor or selling through advertising, may seem like a good idea but you will have no control or legal options over what happens to your Dane once it is transferred. People and circumstances can change – and not always for the better!

Steps to surrender your Great Dane

  • There is normally a fee associated with owner surrenders.

  • Complete the Surrender Intake Form complete with photos of your Dane. . We will verify receipt of this by email.

  • A volunteer will contact you  by phone to review the details submitted on the form.

  • A meet and greet will be arranged to meet you and your Dane to assess its behaviour and verify its adoptability.

  • If suitable for re-homing, your Great Dane will be transferred into a suitable foster home.

  • Time parameters for transfer to foster may vary depending on the availability of a suitable foster home.

  • When you surrender your Great Dane into our care, you will be required to sign a Surrender of Ownership  Agreement Contract and pay the agreed Surrender fee as a donation to the rescue unless otherwise stated.

Please note

If your Dane requires altering and/or vaccines, you will be expected to make a suitable donation to cover these costs that will payable when the Dane is surrendered into our care, which will be discussed prior to the surrender taking place.

If you are actively exploring other options to find another home for your Great Dane:

Please do NOT submit a Surrender Intake Form until you are committed to surrendering your Great Dane to Dames Saving Danes Rescue. When we receive this, various resources are immediately committed to finding a Foster/Adoptive home, and another Dane may have been deprived of these resources if you change your mind.

Throughout the Surrender process, we will require your cooperation in returning phone calls and/or emails throughout the surrender process.

  • We are a volunteer foster based rescue. The surrender process can take several days while we select the best possible foster home match for your Dane, and we appreciate your patience. We can not guarantee placement for your dog into the rescue, as this will depend on foster availability and suitability.

  • We will require vet records once we confirm acceptance of your dog. Health and/or behavioural issues will not deter us from accepting a dog into our rescue; we only want to ensure we have all necessary medical information for them. This will also prevent over vaccination. These records will travel with the Dane into foster care and to their eventual adoptive home.

  • A surrender fee may be applicable and will be discussed prior to surrender. This will need to be paid as soon as we confirm that we have a foster home available.

  • Due to difficulties with adopting out bonded pairs, if will accept multiple dogs from a home you must know that they may be adopted out separately.

Found Great Dane

If you have found a Great Dane who appears to be homeless and prefer not to bring them to a shelter, please take the following reasonable steps to try to locate the owner before Dames saving Danes Rescue can assist:

  • Bring the Dane to a vet to see if a microchip exists

  • Contact your local animal shelter to file a report. If you live in Ottawa, complete the Ottawa Humane Society Found Animal Report.

  • Post to the Ottawa and Valley Lost Pet Network Facebook page

  • Post flyers where you found the dog

  • Post an ad through online classified sites (Kijiji, etc)

Once you have done this, please email with as much information as possible, along with at least one photo of the dog.