The Ottawa Great Dane Walking Group (OGDWG) was initiated by Trish McQuhae, Dames Saving Danes cofounder, Great Dane owner and foster Mom after adopting her big boy Diesel. Falling totally in love with the breed, Trish wanted to be able to take Diesel out on walks with other Danes his own size to watch them all interact and play together. Great Danes have fun playing with any breed, but sometimes it’s nice to allow them to really throw their weight around without the worry of trampling a little one under paw. The OGDWG Group meets weekly offering a fun and safe place to socialize you and your Dane with fellow Great Dane lovers. The group also provides a great support network to share in Great Dane behaviour and training tips, discuss feeding regimes, and even where the best palace is to outfit our danes with winter wear! If you are a Great Dane owner, new adopter, or foster in the Ottawa or surrounding area we suggest you join the group on Facebook today!