BEING A LEADER – All dogs need a leader to follow and if the humans in the house don’t step up to be the leader then the dog will feel it has no other option but to take this role itself. In the first year of your Danes life or the first year a Dane comes to live with you, there are basic commands you will want your Dane to understand such as sit, stay, down, come, etc. For more resources on how to train your Dane Click Here.

BITING – Puppies mouth and bite during play and they can bite very hard! Because Great Dane puppies are going to be very big dogs, this is something you’ll want to get a handle on very quickly. For resources on how to train your Dane not to bite Click Here.

DOG INTRODUCTIONS – How you introduce your Dane to new dogs and people can make all the difference in their reaction to one another. This is extremely important in preventing any negative or aggressive reactions towards one another. Not socializing your dog could mean you end up with a fearful dog who doesn’t know how to interact with other dogs and could respond with aggression. For informative resources on how to properly socialize your Dane Click Here.

LIVING WITH CATS – Many people ask if a Great Dane who has not lived with cats before will be ok with a potential home with cats. The short answer is that there are no grantees. Prior to adoption we do our best to assess each Danes behavior towards prey such as squirrels as well as cats where possible. Some Danes are known for they inherent prey drive which extends to cats where others do just fine with and actually enjoy the companionship of a cat. For more resources on great Danes living with cats Click Here.

PROBLEM BEHAVIOURS – in Great Danes can seem magnified due to their giant stature and extended reach. Some problem behaviours in Danes to look at for include counter surfing, digging, food snatching, escaping and jumping. For resources on how to nip these problem behaviours in the bud Click Here.