What are the perks of being a foster and a member of the DSD family?

Aside from having one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime that comes with saving a life, you will also become a part of our DSD family, providing you a lifetime of support for any Great Dane in your care, foster, adopted or otherwise. All of our committed foster participants will receive FREE of charge to you, invaluable, theoretical and hands on training lead by a certified dog trainer in a theoretical and hands-on workshop. This experience will not only set you up for foster care success but also help you manage your owned dogs in the process.

I work all day, don’t foster Danes need someone to be with them all the time?

As a general rule, no. Most of our foster volunteers work full-time jobs, and are able to leave their foster animals at home during the day, just as they do with their own pets. If able to come home during a lunch hour this is appreciated especially in the fist week of foster care however it is not mandatory. Danes that present with an issue such as separation anxiety however, will do best in a home where the foster family is home most of the time to work on helping them to overcome this issue.

How long will the foster Great Dane be in my home?

It’s hard to know how long it will take to find an adopter for a specific Great Dane. Some Danes get adopted very quickly while others take much longer. We work closely with you to match you up to a Great Dane in our care that best meets your experience, and time commitment.

If I choose to foster, who pays for the medical and veterinarian care?

Dames Saving Danes Rescue pays for all the medical care for the Great Danes under our care through our partner veterinarian clinics. DSD will not cover the cost of medical care incurred without our prior consent.

What if I don’t think a potential adopter’s home would be the best suited for my foster Great Dane?

As foster parent, you know the Great Dane best. If you have any concerns about the potential adopter, please let the foster coordinator know.

What if while I’m fostering I need to travel out-of-town for a weekend?

When a Dane is in your foster care he should be treated as your own pet would. If possible the Dane should travel with you to your destination. However, if this is not possible arrangements should be made through Dames Saving Danes to have one our volunteers come care for your foster Dane in your home while you’re away. We prohibit the kenneling of our rescued Great Danes while in your care as Danes do not do well in a kennel environment especially during the foster period.

Can I adopt my foster Great Dane?

No. We have changed our policy and will no longer permit a foster family to adopt the foster Dane in your care unless and until you have been a part of our Foster Program for predetermined amount of time and/or successful adoptions. We are all too familiar with a ‘foster fail’ that instead become ‘furever homes’ which is a great thing yet we loose too many amazing foster families in the process. Our new Foster Program involves a lot of time, energy and money to provide each and every committed foster with the tools and support they need for foster success and with this we hope foster families will be inclined to help more then just one Dane in their care. We also discourage fostering as a means to “shop around” for the perfect Great Dane; if you are fairly sure you wish to adopt, we can suggest Danes in our care that we think would thrive in your home environment, helping ensure a long, happy union.