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Happy Tail coming soon!




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Happy Tail coming soon!



Happy Tail coming soon!


Marley Mae

Had a wonderful experience with Dames Saving Danes when we adopted Harley, now Marley Mae. We had recently lost our beautiful fawn rescue Dane, Grace Lou and had been “taken” with the breed and recognized that we really wanted to rescue another Dane. When we sent in our application for a rescue Dames Saving Danes felt that Harley would be a good fit for our home, we live in the country, boys aged 10 & 13. Only concern was the couple next door that rescued farm cats. With the trainer, and foster family, Harley had been working on her “cat familiarization” program. Because we live 6-7 hours away from Ottawa we face timed and did a live walk about of our home and property which was ideal for us. Once  we were approved, Dames Saving Danes arranged to have all vet checks, meds, and paper work ready for our meet and greet and if all went well we could bring Harley home that same day. We are pleased to say we all hit it off immediately and Harley became our beautiful Marley Mae. She is loving her new home and yard. Her cat training has been successful, she sees the cats next door and carries on, the boys love her and she is becoming a content well loved family member. Big thanks to Dames Saving Danes for setting us all up!! 



 Dames Saving Danes, Canada; The Story of Opie, He was meant to be our forever boy!

Tammy and I were very content empty nesters with 2 Great Danes (one deaf and vision impaired,) 2 Labs, and a Briard. That is until I saw a picture of Opie on the Deaf Dane Facebook page. My wife thought he was quite handsome and was touched by his rather nomadic life.  Apparently he had been in several homes in just a few months and had learned many bad habits.  That’s about the time that I told her that I had contacted Wendy about him.  Don’t worry I said, they want a home where he will be the only dog, not a lot of people coming and going, we have 4 and their friends.  Well poor Opie was in great need, and Wendy and Trish decided that with all of our experience training dogs and having a deafie that we would make a great home for Opie.  Thanks Dames, as so begins the saga of Opie.

We became the Dames first international adoption, and I think all will see how this was obviously meant to be. Since the Dames didn’t have current passports, we all agreed to meet in Niagara Falls, their drive from Ottawa, and ours from near Cleveland.  We got into our car to leave and it wouldn’t start.  No problem, take the truck.  At the first exit on the NY turnpike, a loud bang and we were dead with a broken wheel bearing and axel.  After a short tow into the megopolis  of Westfield, NY we parked the truck in a small dealership with a note asking,” to please be kind.”  My Uncle and Aunt drove us to Buffalo where we rented a car and resumed our trip to meet the Dames and Opie, 6 hrs late.

Wendy and Trish were great. They had all of the paperwork together and stuff we would need for Opie short term.  Their only advise was that by the time we got home, he should warm up to us, otherwise don’t put your hands in the back or he may bite.  Needless to say he found the roll of paper towels and it looked like snow in the rear view mirror.  I said “Tammy get the paper towels, she said No Way!”

The Border Crossing; Ok, so we pull up to the US crossing and there are three officers going over the car in front of us, and a partially dismantled Winnebago off to he left, NOT GOOD!  Well our turn, the officer steps up and I hand over our passports and he says, “How long have you been in Canada?” I say, “Oh about 2 hrs.” Check in the box, “What’s you reason for visiting?” Oh to rescue this deaf Dane and don’t put your hands in he bites.” Check in the box. “He looks like he’s blind too”  “is this your car?” “No tell the story” check in the box.  “You want me to believe that you folks drove all the way up here to adopt a blind deaf Great Dane?”  Tammy’s response, “Well to be honest with you.” He said, “Now would be a good time to start.” Check in the box. She told him about our other rescues, but I had now prepared myself for a full cavity search.  He looked at us with that look of nobody could make this stuff up and said, “Tammy sign your passport, get out of here!”  I’m guessing that we are still the talk of the locker room today.  Never did ask for Opie’s papers.

At last we reach home, Opie is asleep. We played the, you wake him game, no you.  After rock, paper, scissors, I lost and found a long stick. He came into the house and claimed a spot on the bed, forbidden in my house, well maybe for a while.

Day two, Opie woke up and decided I didn’t need the small finger on my right hand. I have trained many retrievers and pointers.  I was also the Obedience chairman for the Briard Club of America for being crazy enough to campaign a Briard in obedience championships, he was the number one in the USA.  However I was quick to realize that Opie was out of my league.  He was covered in bites from fighting, would clear anything he wanted from the table or counter, I was committed to him and needed help. A neighbor of mine has a farm and trains field trial pointers.  He was also a Killer Whale trainer for Sea World and has some kind of animal psychology degree.  He took Opie and had him walking on a leash in two minutes.  He put a shock collar on him and had him off leash in no time.  He assessed his vision and hearing and set up a training program with a shock collar since he can’t hear.  It was obvious that some other method was needed.  Even our other deafie was started at five weeks; this guy had a lot of issues.  After many weeks of Tammy’s hard work, Chris came back for the introduction to the pack.  All went well until the Briard.  He somehow thinks it is a healthy choice to taunt a dog twice his size.  One event became a pack deal on the Briard that sent me to the ER.  As a result we have save the Briard too many times and have created a separate run area for Opie.  We are lucky that we have a porch with sliding doors so that corralling dogs while keeping some separate is possible.  We have promised Opie a forever home.

I am so happy that I met Dames Saving Danes and we were able to commit our home to Opie. He is Tammy’s shadow and Opie has become the puppy that was always inside there.  Thank you to all that were responsible for his rescue and our being able to adopt one of the best dogs ever. He is amazing!

Dan Tolerton


PicMonkey Collage

Adopted by her foster Mom!



With the recent loss of by Great Dane and love of my life Moose, it was very hard to bring another Dane into my care, into my life and so soon. I wasn’t sure I had more love to give. However, I think in a way Moose sent me both Nyxie Cat and Big Bruzer to help me heal and once again expand my heart. Moose will never be forgotten as Bruzer in fact does so many things that remind me of him (like playing statue when it’s time to jump in the car, and his ever present love for peanut butter) and I love that. In such a short time they have taught me that it’s okay to open my heart and home again, that this will in fact honor Moose, as he has paved the way. We hope to add even more fun to our fur-pack from time to time with a foster in need as I know Bruzer & Nyx together will be the best foster-siblings they can be!



Animals have been my passion for as long as I can remember – dogs, cats, horses, you name it. I have always dreamed of having a farm and operating my own rescue, however life’s realities would not allow for this. Instead, I have taken in unwanted animals to provide a loving home and family. My fiancée has literally put up with me bringing home stray cats and rescue dogs for years – thank goodness he is a pushover and falls in love with all of them. A few years ago we rescued our first Dane – a 3 month old who was born in the Paws R Us puppy mill which was seized in 2012. That was it – the Great Dane was our breed, they were not only beautiful gentle giants, but they were so people oriented and simply wanted to be around their family – preferably spooning in their bed.

We purchased a beautiful hobby farm in late 2014, lots of space to run and play, our current dane loved running around in all the open fields. He was so energetic, but truly needed someone his size to play with as he was a bit rambunctious for our little 9y.o beagle mix…. at least that’s what I told my fiancée 🙂 Thus, the search for a Dane rescue began. I happened to come across DSD in a late night google search and after viewing their site, I saw Mick. A gorgeous white haired, blue eyed cutie who needed space to run after being crated for much of his young life. He is a perfect match for Zeplin, they are forever galloping down the lane way and through the fields and down the trails, jumping all over one another. He gives our wee beagle a little break to do her own thing while the two youngsters tire each other out. Mick has been attached to my hip since the day I picked him up, mamas boy at heart. Despite the caution for his suspected visual impairment, he gets along great here at the farm and lucky for him will have all the open space in the world to live a full and happy life with his 2 brothers and sister as well as the farm cats, horses and chickens. From unwanted to lovable little country boy!



I have had many dogs in my life. And each one’s coming and going left it’s mark on me.  My life has definitely had it’s ups and downs. Many years of unhappiness but through those darkest moments I was lucky that I had the unconditional love of a dog.  Each time I gained the courage to make changes in my life. Not only for myself but for my children. It was the death one of those dogs that gave me the courage to leave a bad relationship a few years ago. Sadly though I had emotional scars that would take a while to heal.  I didn’t want to commit or get attached to anyone or really anything again.  As the years went by I began feeling an emptiness and though I was in a new relationship there was something missing. I thought about fostering but felt it wouldn’t’ fit with our lifestyle. We traveled often. So, we decided to start volunteering but just being around dogs I wanted more. When we filled out the application for Dames saving Danes we were contacted quickly and then interviewed. We were assured that our lifestyle of traveling would be respected and that they would help in any way they could to make arrangements for the dog while we were away.  Well, life is funny and it has it’s plans for you. During this time I was talking more to some dog friends. A support system was building itself!  Fostering was an option! Then in came Zoey. A perfect lady Dane who was not hyper, well mannered and with the sweetest of personalities. I still held back for a while to see how things would work out but soon it was clear that we had to talk seriously about keeping her. So, when Wendy asked we had to “Say Yes to the Dane”! She just fit in so well and my doggie sitting person adores her and looks forward to having her visit. She has helped me to come out of my emotional shell and be a better person.  We love Zoey and look forward to many happy years with her. Yeah, we “sucked” at being foster’s but I’m pretty proud of the dog we have!

P.S. we hope to have an even bigger house and yard someday so that means more dogs!! 🙂



We are so happy to announce our newest Fur Baby, MARLO! He is a beautiful 5 year old Great Dane that was surrendered by his previous owner. The family was so sad to have to let Marlo go, but we are very happy to have him in our home to be loved and spoiled for the rest of his life.



When the opportunity to foster Great Danes came to us, we waited until the time was just right so we could properly care for all the dogs we would help. Very soon after we were told about Reggie and his life of moving around from home to home. Not really having a place of his own for long, we planned to help find him that perfect forever home. Little did we expect that we would actually be that home for him. He came into our lives unsure but quickly started to adapt and feel comfortable. With the thought in the back of our heads that one day he would be gone, he slowly and stealthily made himself a permanent home both in the house and our hearts. When we were approached about a possible adopter, a serious conversation ensued and in the end, we couldn’t possibly part with him. Reggie is a wonderful addition to our lives and we are forever grateful to Dames Saving Danes, Wendy, Trish and Bonnie for their constant help, encouragement and support. The decision was not made lightly but ultimately it was the right one and we could not be happier. Reggie can rest assured he will never have to “adapt” to another home again.



Bo was adopted in July 2014. He had been abandoned and was found running the roads prior to being bought in to a high kill shelter. While in the shelter he was said to be dog aggressive with a fear of men and soon found himself on death row. Thanks to Pound Paws, a group of dedicated volunteers working in connection with high kill pounds to place dogs with a Rescue, Bo was saved! It took only a freedom ride into loving foster care for Bo to disprove the reputation that preceded him. He in fact loved playing with other dogs once proper introductions were made and he wasted no time loving up his new foster Dad. Soon after coming into foster care this sweet boy was adopted into a loving home complete with a human brother and a beautiful brindle Dane fur-sister named Tiger Lilly and here for you is Bo’s Happy Tail.

When Mat and I met, we each had our own dog.  Both were grumpy old men who (after a brief period of ohmygodwhatthehellisgoingon), became the best of friends.  We all moved in together and things were great.  Then I brought Tiger Lily home.  I found an ad for her on Kijiji, her owner was giving her up because he had a new baby and had just moved in with his girlfriend.  When I visited Lily, I found a very skinny and very hyper 6 month old Great Dane puppy, living alone in an empty apartment.  Without a second thought, I took her and surprised Mat at work (it went over well-ish).  Lily was a tornado of terribleness and love that initially disrupted our household but eventually (kind of) settled in.  The two old farts put up with her, and she won them over with sheer annoying perseverance.  “Do you like me now??  Now?!  How about now!??”  Fast-forward a few months, and I got pregnant.  Mat and I were determined to not be “those people”, who experience a life change and suddenly the cherished family pets get kicked to the curb.  But we were living in a small apartment downtown.  Without a yard.  We couldn’t even fit a crib in there because it seemed like there were dogs everywhere.  So, we started looking at houses.  We needed somewhere with enough space for everyone, a big yard, a fence high enough to keep everyone at home.  Yes, we basically bought a house for our dogs.  Two months after we moved in, tragedy struck and my beautiful, sweet, awkward (in a good way) 9-year-old Doberman passed away and we were down to two.  Then the baby came.  He was great and easy, he didn’t cry much and he slept through the night.  The dogs were perfect with him and everything was ok.  Four months after that, we had to make a hard, awful decision about our 7-year-old cuddly, grumpy Bulldog.  Suddenly, we found ourselves with only one dog, one baby and (what felt like) tons of space and time.  Our house (and hearts) felt so empty.  When I got pregnant, everyone thought we were nuts to want three big dogs and a baby, but we knew we could make it work.  We knew we wanted another dog, and having Lily, for some weird, nonsensical reason, we wanted another Great Dane.  We contacted several local rescues.  Because of our situation (new baby), no one wanted to adopt to us.  Finally, we heard back from the ladies at Dames Saving Danes and they were willing to talk with us!  I spoke with Bonnie on the phone, and after chatting for a while, she said she already had a dog in mind for us.  So exciting!  We met with Wendy on the home visit and she was also very encouraging.  Shortly after that, we got to meet Bo.  He was sweet, easy-going and quiet (nothing like the beautiful and high-maintenance Lily), we liked him right away.  A week later, he came to us for good.

Bo had been a stray, and there was a good possibility that he had been abused.  We had every intention of being calm and careful around him to ease him into his new life, however it wasn’t long before he was playing, rough-housing and bear-hugging.  Out of all the combinations of dogs we’ve had so far, Bo and Lily are definitely the most in love.  She showers him with affection, and he puts up with her bossiness.  They play together, cuddle together, run together, protect the house together, (surf the counter together, ugh!).  Bo has come a long way in the 6 months we’ve had him.  He no longer cowers if his leather leash brushes him during a walk, he boldly climbs into bed with us whether he’s been invited or not and he pesters Lily into playing (so nice to see her getting a taste of her own medicine!).  He went from being indifferent to our son to lying beside him on the floor, sleeping by his crib and allowing his ears to be used as teething aids.  We are still working on a few things though.  Bo needs help (or a miracle!) with his recall.  We’re trying to teach him that doors are closed for a reason (we don’t want you on the other side!) and just because he can open them, it doesn’t mean he should.  The neighbor is allowed to be in his own backyard.  Relax, we’re not mad that you swept a glass off the table with your tail, shattering it on the floor.  The baby is not a snack dispenser.  Whether he ever gets that stuff or not, we look forward to spending the rest of Bo’s life with him.  He’s completed our family and we’re so glad that the lovely ladies at Dames Saving Danes were willing to take a chance with us.  I’m pretty sure that Bo won’t be the last dog we adopt from them!