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Status: Available Spring 2018

Gender: Male

Age: 7 years old

Size: Medium

Weight: 160 lbs

Breed: Mastiff / Great Dane

Energy Level: Low

With Dogs: Yes (Females dogs)

With Cats: Yes

With Children: Yes

Scooby is a 7 year old Mastiff x Great Dane mix, and has more of a Mastiff look to him. Scooby is a sweet, loving, loyal boy who wants nothing more than to be with his people. He craves attention and to be cuddled and scratched on a regular basis. Scooby currently lives with a male Great Dane puppy and 2 female Chihuahuas. He has no issues having the puppy climb all over him and even chews on him, but he does need to have slow introductions to new dogs. He has a tendency to not like male dogs, especially if they are very dominant. He was just recently neutered so much of this is learned behaviour from being unaltered. We are currently working with Scooby on being able to integrate him with new/unfamiliar dogs. We are also working with him on some resource guarding. Scooby will guard any bones or favourite toys but will easily give them up to his trusted humans. Scooby also has seasonal allergies which cause him itchy skin issues during the summer. This is managed with medication when needed. It will take a special family to adopt this boy, but the love you will receive in return will be tenfold!