What People Are Saying About Dames Saving Danes Rescue


I had the most amazing weekend with a man (Brad Harrod of Superior Obedience Solutions & Training) who knows the inside and out of canines. His theory is sound and his techniques viable, but what shines through is passion and love of all breeds of dog. He makes me invision a career in dog training. Dames Saving Danes Canada and Brad Harrod are a new breed of dog rescue that I need to be part of. I was so thrilled with this workshop. It gave me a new confidence in handling dogs and having their back. I was so confident with my new skills that Charles the chihuahua and I went out, walked Mimma to her bus and then did some agility training around the city. This little guy loves it! He’s ten years old and he’s pretty damn smart. YES, you can teach an old dog new tricks especially when you have the right tools.~ Justy Lisa Dennis DSD Foster Workshop Attendee
That was an excellent workshop. Your vision of what foster care should be is light years ahead of any others that I’ve heard of. Congratulations to you all for what I believe will be a success. I hope that the model that you are creating will be the new standard for all rescues.On my experience with Bruzer.. I realized that I wasn’t actually afraid of him when I was walking with him. I think I was just concentrating too hard on ‘doing it right” rather than paying attention to what Bruzer was doing. If I hadn’t seen what he did afterwards, I would have not believed that he was so quick to react negatively. It was an eye opener for sure..~ Mimma Saffioti DSD Foster Workshop Attendee
Thanks ladies & Brad for a wonderful, educational and inspiration to move forward! Wow. Well guys I think everyone was inspired by this wonderful weekend! I believe that the kick start we needed came thru everyone individual experience and what they bring to the table! I strongly believe that the energy Brad brings, the determination you ladies have moved forward with will bring that success you deserve! Special mention to the great young man, for what he experienced, it allowed Brad to demonstrate what he so strongly advocated, it allowed all of us the vision of truth of what we need to learn, and I believe that the emotions in the room….will be testimony of a great group and the opportunity to make us as good as we need to be to succeed, for ourselves, for your organization and for all the Dogs that will need us in the future ahead! Thank you all!~ Sandra Dalton DSD Foster Workshop Attendee
Thanks for the all the work you folks put into the workshop. In a year, it will be cool to see how many danes we have helped together. Looking forward to the journey with you wonderful people. Already trying to up my own game with the new slip leash on Quinn.  I tried the “power steering” with the chain on Misha tonight. Anona and I found it worked great.~ Kim Empey DSD Foster Workshop Attendee
I already have miss Charlotte sitting on her new leash with no commands. Just need to figure out how to get her to stop STOPPING because she is getting annoyed I am now in charge!! Lol.~ Fiona Jackson DSD Foster Workshop Attendee
 I thought the workshop rocked!! I have a new outlook on training my guys and as a result have a renewed desire to take up where I left off some time ago. I am surprised they remember much of what I taught them so long ago before I got lazy. They really like having direction and I am determined to give it to them. Now if I could only get them to stop charging the door!! Something to look forward to in the near future smile emoticon Thank you so much for this opportunity DSD and Brad.~ Christine Gardner DSD Foster Workshop Attendee
Very happy to add my name to those already mentioned above that this was a very interesting and eye opening few days. I will be getting a slip lead and a small chain slip collar in the next few days to start working with my three dogs based on the awesome training provided by Brad and the great team at DSD! The weekend rocked and can’t thank the ladies at DSD enough for setting this up to allow us to see Brad and some of us in action!! Many thanks as well for the food and refreshments provided too!! DSD is on the cutting edge of methods to successfully foster Danes through their innovative program. With the help of SOS training professional Brad Harrod they are leading the way and setting a Gold standard on how a dog foster program should work. I’m extremely grateful to be part of this training program and rescue group and will be as helpful and supportive as I can be!~ Robert Reid DSD Foster Workshop Attendee
I run a dog sitting service in the central portion of Ottawa and I can honestly say that after meeting Brad, listening to his canine theory and training program, I am more equipped to care for, teach and give your dogs a presence and a purpose I this great big human world..~ Furrrrygodmother DSD Foster Workshop Attendee
The training and support that DSD is providing to fosters and subsequently to adotpers should be the standard that is followed by all rescues organizations. By investing in, and training fosters, this program will ensure that surrendered dogs do not keep getting bounced around, but rather they will be ready to be accepted and integrated into their new homes with the help and support of the team.~ DSD Foster Workshop Attendee
Thank you DSD for the great foster workshop. Brad was very informative and the foster program will give the forever home an amazing Dane to be part of their family. DSD is the best.~ DSD Foster Workshop Attendee