Great Danes and Great Dane cross breeds are accepted by Dames Saving Danes Rescue. Senior Danes and Danes with medical, special needs, and presenting with behavioural issues WILL ALL be considered for acceptance into our rescue and rehabilitation program.

Dames Saving Danes Rescue will NOT accept into the program:

  • Any Great Dane the recuse feels its current fosters cannot handle (ex human or dog aggression)and/or that we as a rescue feel we cannot successfully place into a new adoptive home.

  • Any Great Dane with medical conditions that the rescue, after consultation with a veterinarian, feels it cannot place into an adoptive home.

  • However, in each above instance each surrender intake application will be still be carefully reviewed against our current fosters capabilities and foster care will be considered.

Because some of our foster homes have children and other pets, Dames Saving Danes Rescue reserves the right to reject any Great Dane for any reason if we do not have adequate foster homes available. We will not risk the safety of our fosters, their family members or their pets.

Animal Well-Being

Dames Saving Danes Rescue will provide all Danes in our care with adequate food and fresh water, exercise, socialization, and training as needed, as well as a safe, secure and loving foster home environment. Senior animals or those presenting with lameness will be treated with an all-natural glucosamine  supplement to help relieve symptoms and those with sensitive stomachs with probiotics, both supplements have been proven to work wonders time and time again for the Danes in our care. All Danes in our care will receive appropriate veterinary care, including but not limited to immunizations, spay/neuter, heart worm testing, parasite treatments when needed, and micro-chipping. No Great Dane will be euthanized without every attempt to rehabilitate and re-home them when in the best interest of the Danes well-being.

Re-homing Practices

We will thoroughly screen all prospective adopters to the best of our ability and educate adopters during the interview process regarding their future responsibilities as Great Dane owners. We will always be honest about the faults, issues and/or needs of the individual Dane being adopted and will remain available to the adopter for further support when and if needed. We recommend that all local adopters join the Ottawa Great Dane Walking Group as a means of exercise and socialization for their Dane as well as  a strong support network. We also provide periodic Great Dane training days which adopters as well as fosters are encouraged to attend. If in the unlikely even that a Great Dane and adoptive family are not a suitable match the Great Dane is required to be returned to Dames Saving Danes Rescue. As a reputable rescue, we refuse to deal with dog retailers, dog wholesalers and unethical dog breeders and will never surrender our own animals to a shelter for adoption. When we take in a Great Dane we assume full responsibility for its welfare and for any puppy adopted under 12 months of age, Dames Saving Danes Rescue will contractually require the adopter to have the Dane spayed or neutered on or before the dog is 12 months of age. Upon submission of proof of spay/neuter to DSD a reimbursement in the amount of $100 to the adopter will be made. Failure to comply with this contractually binding rule will result in the repossession of the adopted Dane by DSD without refund of the adoption donation to the adopter.