We are a breed-specific Rescue, Dames Saving Danes, operating out of Eastern Ontario Corp Number-1926221 with our home base in Ottawa who’s ‘Mission’ is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-Home unwanted Great Danes, giving them a second chance at finding their ‘forever home’. We are Dane-savvy Dames whose previous background and success is based upon our combined years of experience with Great Danes and animal rescue, and our ability to match a rescued Dane with the most appropriate adopter through a process which includes extensive screening, as well as continued follow-up contact after Adoption. Upon intake, each Dane goes through a period of rehabilitation in one of our approved Fosters homes which includes a though behavioual assessment and tailored training plan put in place with the help of a certified dog trainer for each Dane in our care allowing us to provide our assistance to a greater number of troubled Danes. This approach helps us address any issues the Danes may have prior to being adopted. To our knowledge, we are the only Great Dane Rescue that provides expertly trained fosters and rehabilitation as part their adoption process in the Ottawa area. Virtually no Dane will be turned away or euthanized without every effort being made to accommodate their needs to increase their chances of a successful adoption. As well as behaviour modification, this also includes addressing any health needs when they arrive, including necessary Veterinary care and vaccinations, and ensuring each is spayed/neutered. Our sole support will be from donations from kind-hearted people and businesses and from fund-raising events. We are always looking for volunteers to assist in this area. Please feel free to check in with our Facebook page at ‘Dames Saving Danes Canada’, which chronicles the Danes within our care through their Fostering and Rehabilitation period, through to their eventual Adoption.