Who is DSD Looking For? The most important step to saving animals is having amazing people on board with a passion for dogs and who are looking for a way to make an impact in the world of dog rescue.  We are looking for individuals who are committed to doing what is best for their foster dogs in an effort to not just foster a dog, but to help save a dog through a committed rehabilitation process guided by DSD. Our goal is to not just rehome a dog, but to do what it takes to ensure that the dog is rehomed permanently and to end the rehoming cycle for that dog. 

What is DSD’s Goal? Our aim is to rescue dogs with a 100% success rate. We want to help end the rehoming cycle by ensuring that a foster dog goes to his or her forever home on the first placement. To do this, we select surrendered Great Danes who we know can be helped, rehomed and loved for placement with our foster families. In addition we carefully pair our rescue Danes with our foster families to ensure a successful foster and rehabilitation experience. 

We work as an organization to help our fosters by providing ample education, training and support throughout the foster experience to help you help the dog succeed. We also work with certificated expert dog trainers and behaviourists on a case-by-case bases as needed. 

Our intent is to make the foster experience a GREAT one for you and the Dane.

What Are the Perks of Becoming a Great Foster? By volunteering with Dames Saving Danes (DSD) you will, first and foremost, get to experience the most rewarding journeys that come with changing the life of surrendered animals. By fostering with DSD, you will become a part of the DSD family, which allows you to benefit form:

  • Lifetime Support ~ We value our volunteer fosters and understand that fostering can have its highs and lows, so to ensure your success and that of your foster dog’s, our network of educated fosters are always available for support for any Great Dane in your care – foster, adopted, or otherwise.

  • Extended Dog Support ~ We believe that to make your foster Dane’s experience truly successful, your other dogs must be onboard with the foster procedures too. We will help you with any of your other dog’s behaviours while you are fostering a DSD foster Dane as their happiness and well-being is just as import as your fosters..

  • Networking Opportunities ~ DSD is a large community of volunteers, fosters, other rescue groups, dog lovers, trainers and health professionals that are happy to meet, discuss and collaborate on a variety of topics. One of the most important tools a foster family can have is continual contact with other dog foster volunteers and a network of support to help answer questions and provide hands on help when needed.

The DSD Rescue difference is that we are dedicated to providing each and every one of our committed foster family’s with the tools and ongoing support required to successfully foster our rescue Great Danes. We are passionate about providing the best environment possible for our foster Danes to ensure a successful placement and a really GREAT Dane experience.

Once a dog is surrendered to DSD, we need the help of tenacious and compassionate people to begin a journey of rehabilitation for a dog that has already been through so much. DSD is focused on building a network of GREAT fosters who can help us rehabilitate and rehome our Great Danes. Individually, we cannot make much of a difference, but together we are a strong organization and we can save many, which is why when you join DSD we will help you, help us, help them.

However rewarding and life-changing, fostering a dog is often an emotional experience that can ‘tug hard on our heart strings’, as saying goodbye is never easy. Yet, the moment your foster gets adopted signifies one of the happiest events in the dog rescue and foster care system—you have helped to forever change the life of a dog for the better and more often than not, a family too.

We invite you to visit our Love. Learn. Let Go. REPEATsection where we have comprised, from our very own experiences, some tips to help you and your heart with the transition from foster to adoption and letting go of your foster dog when the time comes.

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