What areas of Ontario do you serve?

We currently work to serve the metropolitan areas of Ottawa and surrounding area. To find out whether your area is served, please contact us.

Are you a Not-For-Profit organization?

Yes! Dames Saving Danes Rescue is a Registered Not-For-Profit Ontario Corporation, Number -1926221 .

Why do Great Danes come into rescue?

Rescued Danes come from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from abandonment, neglect or abuse, as well as owner surrenders. Unfortunately more often than not, Great Danes end up the victim of their family’s inexperience or all too busy lifestyle, and develop behavioural issues as a result of spending too much time alone and without adequate exercise. Due to their giant stature, strong leadership as they mature is key, as without it they are unfortunately one of the first breeds to end up being surrendered to a shelter environment, moved from one inexperienced family to another, or worse, sold or given away sight unseen and improperly matched to an owner via the internet.

Do you take in Great Dane crosses and those with health and behavioural issues?

Yes. Great Danes and Great Dane cross breeds are accepted by Dames Saving Danes Rescue. Senior Danes and Danes with medical, special needs and presenting with behavioural issues WILL ALL be considered for acceptance into our rescue and rehabilitation program.